Hey There Entrepreneur!

We get it...social media kind of sucks.

It can feel confusing and overwhelming, especially when you've got a million other things on your to-do list for your business!


If you're here, it's because you KNOW how crucial it is for any brand or business to have a social media strategy in place in order to succeed in today's market.

Enter: Badass Marketing!

This digital course is designed for entrepreneurs and creatives like you, who want to grow on Instagram, but are feeling stuck, unsure, frustrated, or just totally confused.

Maybe your business has 100 followers on Instagram.

Maybe 1,000...

Maybe none at all.

And guess what? That's OK!

This easy-to-follow course is packed with everything you need to know to get started with video content.

You'll learn how to:

Create a Brand That Stands Out!

Get Comfortable Speaking On-Camera

...AND, you'll get there without feeling overwhelmed or discouraged.

We promise you will leave confidently, with the tools and resources you need to get started with videos on Instagram.


Are you raising your hand yet?!

Shannon O'Dowd

Seasoned On-Camera Coach and Media Trainer, Shannon O'Dowd will be getting your videos on point so you can be set up for success with the on-camera part of your social media!

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START LEARNING NOW Are you raising your hand yet?!

This course is for you if you're:

A business owner, entrepreneur, or getting ready to start a new business!

Spent the last few months trying to ignore the fact that Instagram exists...(don't worry, we've been there)

Looking for a roadmap to a manageable social media strategy that you and your team can stick to WITHOUT spending thousands of dollars.

Ready to finally be comfortable being yourself on-camera!

You will get:​

  • Unique Advantage in Your Business by Creating a Dynamic Brand Identity 
  • Hook your audience with messaging, talking points, & sound bites that are in alignment with your brand identity
  • Strategies to deal with nervousness
  • Utilize the tools to feel powerful, confident, and dynamic on-camera

This package includes:​​

  • All the trainings are available NOW
  • 100% Online
  • Several Training Videos
  • 5-Step Guide to Tackle Nerves & Avoid On-Camera Rookie Mistakes!
  • OPTIONAL BONUS: 45 min live coaching session w/ Shannon for $150!